About Miss Murry

Meet Miss Murry and her two talented, captive "design interns."

Meet Miss Murry and her two talented, captive "design interns."

Miss Murry is passionate about the shamelessly exciting allure of combining interiors with flea-market finds, hand-me-downs, family pieces, cast-offs, and straightforward utilitarian essentials—plus a dash of old Hollywood glamour. 

She mixes it up with past and present, East and West Coast, low and high, French, Scandinavian and English classics. She couldn’t breathe properly if garden design didn’t constantly leave her with chilling, spine-tingling satisfaction.

Miss Murry feels truly blessed to live the life she does and is grateful for the essential grounding and necessary advice her many friends and acquaintances have routinely generously shared.

Miss Murry lives unabashedly through a unique prism of beauty and charm in every aspect of her life, including all of her relationships. She believes a gracious existence, centered around beauty, is perhaps the only one worth living. Nature is, and has been, her constant inspiration.


Miss Murry’s Design Philosophy


Miss Murry's Designer Crushes



Gwynn Griffith Design, San Antonio, TX

Tommy Smythe, Toronto, Canada

India Hicks, Harbour Island,  Bahamas